Hire a Virtual Assistant
full-time for less than $12.00/hr

Never miss a call or a message with our professional Virtual Assistants.


Bilingual Receptionists

Live Custom Virtual Assistant Full-Time


Bilingual Receptionists

Live Custom Virtual Assistant Full-Time

Why it works.

Less Than $12/hr

The hourly rate is set. Half is due on the 1st and 15th of every month for 160 – 172 hours of labor.

Avoid the Payroll Clutter

Never worry about running payroll for your Virtual Assistant. With a card on file we’ll collect payment every 1st and 15th.

Avoid the Health Care Expense

$10/hr includes their healthcare benefits, so no need to worry about extra costs

Available Always

Always there live for your prospective customers every time

Every Lead Captured

Capitalize lucratively on every customer call

No Bots, No Voicemail

Automated voices are bad for business. Real people bring in more

Always Open For Business

Be open around the clock with us, rain, snow, or holiday

Receive Your Callers

We connect warmly with your callers and make them loyal to you

Supervise Your Calls

All your calls are taken care of and none are lost no matter what

Have a huge impact to sell

A great impression with personalized customer care is what makes the important connection for a lot of sales and loyal customer repeated business


According to our customer reviews

“I’m so very happy with Best Option’s tech services. They handle all my blog posts, email marketing, website integration and updates – EVERYTHING! They’ve had such a tremendously positive impact in my overall business operations that has positioned my business to grow month by month.”


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Choose your favorite way to be reached!

Whether you want your Virtual Assistant to reach you through Facebook Messenger, SMS, or Whatsapp

Organize your business for success

Leads are converted more by live chat

Chatting with warm, live people and not bots makes all the difference in conversions, sales, and loyal repeated business

Have your Virtual Assistant manage your FB Page, Google My Business, and Website Chat for you

All the online help we provide leaves your customers satisfied with your company

Very Well Trained Virtual Assistants

Below are some of the software
they are trained to manage…


Book appointments, schedulings with wait list management, and alert & notify your customers


Retrieve so much valuable customer information, manage time, plan accounts, team chatter

Zoho CRM

Secure and reliable, encryption, IP restrictions, audit logs, two-factor authentication

Active Campaign

Many features in powerful, beautiful email marketing, simple split testing and reporting 


Creative assistant, do it all in marketing, create content, find fan clients and boost sales

And many more

There are many more updated technology to use in your site to make it awesome


How fast can you employ a full-time virtual assistant for my company?
Usually within 14 calendar days of collecting the recruitment payment of $1,000 we will have your Virtual Assistant interviewed, onboarded, and trained to perform your required job duties.
How are my calls handled by Virtual Assistant?
This is worked out in the initial onboarding. You can provide the phone system or we can provide it. We’ll provide remote tech support to get all this figured out. All customer calls are handled with admirable professionalism, respect, and the warm and friendly personal touch of a Virtual Assistant eager to help the caller. We do everything necessary, as our goal during each call is to leave the caller enchanted with your brand and fully satisfied with your company.
What is the recruitment fee for?
$1,000 payment is required to headhunt, interview, and train the Virtual Assistant on your job duties.
Will you be providing the computer and headset?
Yes, Best Option provides all the necessary equipment at our partner’s office located in the Dominican Republic.
Where will my Virtual Assistant be located?
Your Virtual Assistant will report to work at 59 Avenida 27 de Febrero, Near Centro Leon Jimenez, Villa Progreso, Santiago Dominican Republic.
What is the recruitment process?
After making your recruitment payment of $1,000, we collect your requirements. Based on those requirements, we create the job description and quizzes based on those job descriptions. After which, we activate our headhunting activity. We have partnered with headhunting agencies, University alumni offices, and have a vast employee referral network in the Dominican Republic because of our decades of experience in the Call Center industry. As we get candidates we quiz them on your job requirements and personality traits. Once we select three candidates that fit the job requirements, we connect you to hold the final interview with all three to select your favorite one.
Will the Virtual Assistant work exclusively on my job duties?
Absolutely, Yes! Once your Virtual Assistant is hired, the virtual assistant is your exclusively contracted employee.
Do I have legal obligations to the Virtual Assistant?
No. The company responsible for compliance in the Dominican Republic is ONTO and you can visit their website at onto.rocks. ONTO is responsible for compliance items such as health insurance and payroll taxes. Health insurance and payroll taxes are included in your semi-monthly payments of $800.
Can I join you in interviewing candidates?
Yes. We recommend you do as you will have access to this person and will be a member of your staff and resource for your company.
How do you collect payment?
We require a card on file and every 1st and 15th we will debit $800.
How will I know my Virtual Assistant is working for 8 hours a shift?
You will be able to checkin on the Virtual Assistant anytime since you will have direct access through your preferred contact method. You’ll have access to Hubstaff.com which is a software we use to track Virtual Assistant work logs. You will also see an uptick in productivity especially with tasks you have been putting off.
Is there an annual contract?
There is no annual contract. It’s on month to month. You can cancel any time. Simply give us a 10 calendar day notice. For instance, if you would like to end the job duties for your Virtual Assistant and it’s the 5th of August, simply call us or email us and the 15th will be their last day and you will not have a bill due since we collect the $800 at the start of their work day. So for instance, if you start with your Virtual Assistant on the 1st of October, and end on the 5th of October, on the 15th of October, there will not be a payment due.
Where do you hire Virtual Assistants from?
We hire Virtual Assistants in the Dominican Republic. We found these to be the best Virtual Assistants in the world because they are in the same time zone as the East Coast in the US and they have cultural awareness because of the immense tourism from US residents to the Dominican Republic.
Can I communicate directly with my Virtual Assistant?
Yes. You will have direct access to your Virtual Assistant through Phone, SMS, Whatsapp, Zoom, Google Meet and any other preferred contact method.
Do I need to give my passwords to my Virtual Assistant to message on my behalf on Social Media?
No. You do not. We work out this detail in the onboarding process. Your passwords stay safe and secure.

Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant

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